Case study

Nella by Fitbiomics

Social Media marketing

A viral placement

How it started

Nella by Fitbiomics receives a placement in the NY Post calling it the "Poop Pill" that goes viral on April 23, 2022. Website traffic and sales skyrocketed. Our team mobilized over the weekend to launch a paid campaign to mazimize sales.

The results were incredible
  • 3.67 ROAS
  • $16 CPA on $75 product
  • Nella SOLD OUT

Key Takeaways

What we did right

Acted Fast

We struck while the iron was hot and launched the campaign the day the article came out rather than wait until the work week.


Added a discount

Many of the readers/viewers had never heard about Nella. Remarketing with a discount code drove sales.


Remarketed old leads

Social is a powerful tool for building trust with skeptical buyers. We remarketed leads from the recent Boston Marathon event with the coverage plus a discount.


Community Engagement

We engaged with everyone posting about the story and answered every question - good or bad. We were responsive instantly on a weekend, and that built trust.