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We are the boutique agency that pushes the boundaries of what is achievable.

Where it all started

bSocial Strategy was launched in New York City in 2012 by Brittany Oat. At the beginning, the agency focused on boutique companies in the NYC area – helping them to reach new clients and audiences to establish growth and revenue.

That ethos has continued over the years as we formed partnerships with technology, health and food & beverage companies throughout North America, Europe and the UK. The Non-Profit/Charity sector is doing so much good in the world and we provide specialist support for them to deliver positive change.

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Our focus is on delivering custom digital marketing solutions for our clients - our expertise and talented team will be your partner in success.

Meet the team

Brittany Oat

Founder & CEO

Brittany is an award-winning digital marketing strategist with over 15 years experience. She is continuously coming up with innovative ideas that push the barriers of this ever-changing industry.

Adam Currie

Managing Director

Adam directs the agency on a day-to day basis – he manages current projects, budgets and creates competitive project tenders for new client work, bringing a wealth of experience from his 20 years in the Commercial Aviation MRO sector.

Patrick Cosson

SEO/SEM Expert

Patrick is a results-oriented marketing and sales leader with a track record in delivering bottom-line results for both established and startup companies. His specialties include consumer behavior analysis, SEO (local, global, on-page, link building), Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords) and analytics reporting.

Jennifer Payne

Senior Account Manager

Jennifer has a masters degree in International Marketing Management and over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications across private and public sectors in the UK and North America. Her skills include social media, PR, paid advertising, writing, branding and strategy.

Marcel Longo

Digital & Social Media Marketing Specialist

Marcel is a digital & social media marketing specialist, focused on helping build and continue growth on brand and product awareness. Prior to digital marketing, Marcel was an Emmy-award winning News Producer with 14 years of experience of constantly driving and making tight daily deadlines and making the news easy to digest, understand, and relatable.

Ashley Young

Influencer Manager

Ashley Young is based in California and has deep connections with influencers across numerous verticals including celebrities, beauty, health, lifestyle, parenting, tech and more. Ashley frequently secures micro and macro influencers whose videos top 1M views and, works closely with celebrity managers and publicists.

Kelli Leach

Digital Media Artist

Kelli is a digital media artist with over 9 years of experience in the freelance media world. As a creative designer who specializes in bringing art to life through technology, their expertise lies in using digital tools to craft compelling visuals that communicate powerful messages.

Lucy Stevens

Web design and React specialist

Lucy is a seasoned web specialist, with 5 years experience in UI/UX design and React development across a diverse range of industries from video games to beer. She works closely with clients throughout the lifecycle of a web project using iterative design to realise their vision.

Mirena Boycheva

Advertising specialist

For the past decade, Mirena has dedicated herself to the world of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, focusing primarily on crafting and overseeing paid campaigns across various Social Media platforms and Google. Her journey in this field has been enriched by her experiences living in Berlin and London, where she pursued her studies and embarked on the early stages of her career.